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9/10/2006 5:21 pm

Standing at the balcony rail looking at the resort path lights and a few couples out for an early/late stroll and having their morning java, Jane and Dick, as he rubbed her back and squeezing her cheeks with an occasional sphincter teasing, reliving the weeks uniting of their hedonistic love and lust and maybe plan another adventure in the future. As the horizon started to glow they went in for a java refill and when Dick returned with two fresh cups, Jane had affixed the dildo to the headboard and was rocking back and forth as the dong slid in and out of her juicy pussy, setting the cups on the night stand he licked two fingers to probe, as she wished their encounter didn’t have to end, her puckered portal. Pulling the tassels of the beaded necklace bringing her head up for a long tongue dancing and sucking kiss as her rocking intensified he guided her mouth to his throbbing hard cock, as she rocked between the dongs he massaged and squeezed he swinging orbs then reaching under to massage her clit and over to finger her rectum causing her to cum a flood of her glorious essence, sliding off the dongs she licks and sucks his fingers then repositioning herself to suck and jerk off the dildo as he licked, nibbled and tongue probed her tasty cum soaked cunt as he tried to drink up another gush of delight when he inserted his thumb into her pulsating anus, after provoking another shower of her heavenly nectar he plunged his manhood deep into her and she, sucking the dildo, reached under to massage his cock and balls on every stroke then guiding him to embed his head deep within her bowels and as he pounded his cock in and out of her ass he could feel her fingers through the thin membrane between the tunnels of love, his groin slamming her rump as he alternated penetrating her orifices of pleasure causing her to swoon when he blows into her gaping asshole before plunging his cock in, in the frenzy Jane pulls the dildo from the headboard and thrust it into her cunt, with Dick pulling on the reins producing a beautifully arched back and twisting her projected harden nipples, emitting moans of delight as she rocked, gyrated and bounced on the dongs inside of her he exploded his load deep in her ass, when he withdraws and falls to the bed she squatted over him and placed the dildo in her ass and she fingered her cunt to shower him with golden droplets of love then with a splash she falls upon him, as his hand traced down her back to the dong protruding from her, she let a moan of satisfaction as he slowly withdrew the dildo from her ass. After a steamy shower and their last breakfast buffet they prepared and then embarked on their 500 cock teasing mile trip and some parking lot hanky panky while shuttling luggage to end their fantasy, for now.

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