Jane and Dick II  

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8/6/2006 3:42 am
Jane and Dick II

Jane, apparently being the early riser awoken Dick with a fresh cup of java on the bed stand next to him and her mouth taking advantage of his morning woody, upon opening his eyes to a goddess’ loving lustful gaze with cheeks drawn ala an extra thick milkshake she released his manhood with a pop and gestured to don a (belt less???) silk kimono and enjoy the sunrise over the smoky mountains and a misty lake and the links which moments later a group of duffers playing play thru looked up and waved, of course they waved back. Once the smoke and mist cleared Jane and Dick went in to have an erotic shower of nipple sucking and twisting, shaft pulling, bag squeezing, finger probing and a golden experience in preparation for breakfast and a tour of the grounds. Walking hand in hand to the dining room stopping now and then for passionate tongue dancing and the fondling of her curves they spoke and joked about all the locations to mark with their love juices. After breakfast while strolling along the shore of the lake they stopped at a rock formation; Dick, pointing to the sinfully formed section of the formation, described how, within that sinful section, after Jane’s talented oral foreplay and a long, hot, lip licking kiss, she would turn buns up kneeling and he would with lustful abandon pound at both portals till her squeals of ecstasy and mutterings of rapture echo across the lake and her response was lay some serious lip lock on him and guiding his hand under her bibbed denim skirt for finger play through her soaked pantyhose, when they heard voices and upon coming around the rock formation they take notice of some golf cart hanky panky where as Ms.Duffer was intensely earning her grass stains on the knees badge and the only acknowledgement of presence while Jane and Dick strolled by was by Mr.Duffer rolling his slit eyed head around and giving a weak smile, Jane blew him a kiss and Dick gave him a tool time salute as they strolled on down trail to their suite to freshen up and a change of panty hose. Upon returning from checking out the surrounding local color and a shopping junket the horny couple hung out at the resort lounge (Monday appears to be a mass checkout day) for a few cocktails and conversing with the few patrons and off duty employees before dinner. Back at the near empty lounge Jane and Dick, like the other three or four couples, took a candle lit booth and placed their order which in the meantime she went to the ladies room and the booth pick enabled him to watch her sexiness strut all the way, he though “my God she can work a room “ and return trip was even better, for she had removed the silver bikini from beneath the bib and when she stopped and provocatively leaned into the bar to inquire about our order he was sure all eyes were on her waiting/wanting the skirt to hike higher to reveal that fabulous booty or one or both of her spectacular orbs may make an appearance, but alas wishful thinking. Returning to the booth with their drinks he blew out the candle and to shorted things, when they left they both wore hanky panky wet spots. Once in their suite while tearing away restrictive clothing, their bodies falling on to the bed melted together in passion and with his lips kissing down to her luscious globes bringing her nipples to erection, as his tongue moved toward her honey pot she stopped his progress to roll over, booty in the air begging him to “fill her up” which after tongue probing her slit and brown puckered hole then with lustful abandon he repeatedly plunged to the hilt his engorged manhood into her welcoming orifices causing a rapturous moan “love me baby, love my ass, fill me up” after a few more (about a thousand) nipple twisting, ear nibbling, hair pulling, finger sucking, sack to hood slapping, butt rippling strokes he felt her flood covering and dripping from his sack of jewels he then exploded his enema of cum deep in her bowels, falling over two sweaty heaps she slowly withdraws from his rod to turn around suck his member dry and lick him clean.

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