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9/3/2006 3:32 am

Her beauty glowing in the moonlight and the sounds of love making mingling with the rustling leaves caused many sensual pauses to fondle, kiss and suckle as Jane and Dick continued their nature walk to their suite. As they passionately entered their room, clothing falling off before the door was closed, heading straight for the bed where she flopped on her back as he gazed at the banquet she offered before him, with the arrow as guidance and her hands invitingly part the lips of her pink delicacy for him to pleasure his senses, pulling her to the edge of the bed and going to his knee Dick took her projected clitoris to his mouth to suck and nibble until it was five times it size and the gates of the canal pulsated yearning for his probing tongue, the taste and scent of their days activities brought his manhood back to life throbbing for attention, as his tongue darted in and out and circling around her labia then tracing down to her puckered opening where he embraced her fruity scent of treasure yet to be plundered, as his tongue explored the pulsating orifice she pressed him tighter and let out a cry of ecstasy as she flooded his welcoming mouth with a flood of her essence, he rises to fall upon her and as she licks her nectar from his lips and chin, guided by her hand he plunged his hard throbbing manhood deep into her causing both to let out a moan to satisfaction of oneness. Rhythmic pelvic slamming and the wet slapping sound of nuts to butt as Jane begged to consume the juice of his pending eruption, moments later as she stroked the shaft and greedily sucked the head of his cock she gloriously received the choking flood of cum she desired, sucking and pumping him limp she pulls him down onto the bed where she curls up between his legs caressing, kissing and with Dick in her mouth to a Yani lullaby she falls asleep, lightly stroking her hair so does he. A few of hours later woody aroused Jane and Dick’s lustful passions as her tantalizing lips and tongue licked and sucked up, down and around his shaft then kissing her way to his lips, as their tongues danced she mounted him and began her love dance on his tool as he laid back to enjoy her ample tits bouncing, rump rippling, hip gyrating exhibition of sexual gymnastics, falling back upon him he tweaks her nipples and nibbles an ear lobe as she massages her swollen clit with his bulbous head and sliding her lips along his shaft as she masturbated them to orgasm. After a steamy soapy erotic shower Jane and Dick walked to the lounge for lunch, a few cocktails and some lively conversation with some vaguely familiar blushing smiles. Walking back to their suite via the trail and stopping at a sunlit bench for a little pda amidst the singing birds and chuckling squirrels. Cuddled on the sofa watching the evening news room service knocked at the door, as Dick took care of the delivery and set up the candle lit dinner Jane went to the bedroom to change her attire and reemerge wearing only a beaded necklace. After dinner, mixing cocktails and a toast to love and lust she leads him to the bedroom to stand before the dildo on it’s candle lit alter as she sensually dances between stroking each dong and ending her ritual of penis worship by presenting with the dildo to Dick and positioning herself at the edge of the bed for easy access to all ports of entry. As he sucks, licks and nibbles at her delectable pussy as she performs an expert blowjob on the dildo, her hips gyrating as his fingers massage the roof of her pleasure cave and his tongue dances with her pulsating cock craving anus hearing the cock in mouth repeated mumblings of “fuck me” as she cut lose a flood of her vaginal essence for him to bathe in. Plunging his rock hard shaft deep into her tunnel of love, pulling on the necklace tassels to bring her head up to suck on his cum soaked fingers as he moved from pounding her cunt to deep drilling her ass and she inserted her fingers to replace him and thru the thin membrane massaged his cock as it slid within her rectum, pulling the tassels with one hand and twisting a nipple in the other as he humped her rump alternating to her squirting finger filled pussy, to her dismay he withdrew to reposition her on her back with her knees at her shoulders and his package dangling above her, with a banquet of womanhood before him Dick sucked, licked and probed her vaginal and anal offerings as his cock slid in and out of her silky mouth, pulling and twisting her own nipples and gurgling moans of delight as her mouth fucks his cock and a dildo fucks her cunt and ass she explodes in a climax that showered them both causing him to explode his choking wad down her throat and as she greedily tries to suck him dry he moves from mouth to pussy to make a deposit then to her ass then back to assure he was sucked dry, after a long tongue dancing lip sucking kiss he falls to the bed and she draped over him fondling her bundle of joy as they fall happily asleep.

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