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8/20/2006 3:50 am

Waking to another rainy day, Dick standing at the balcony door watching the rivers of run off create manicured islands of the links below, after starting the mornings java Jane join him, coming up from behind she wraps her arms around his torso in a tight passionate, purring, hip grinding embrace then moving down to fondle his, what she termed as “her hot rod to earthly pleasures” rising erection. Sitting at the bistro having morning java and making their plans to go on a shopping junket. Due to the rain strolling the village was out of the question, so they went to the mall down the road a little further. Getting necessities and accessories they run into a bright smiling familiar face from the resort, after compliments of Jane’s attire past and present, some mid shopping refreshments at the food court and getting the low down on the evenings lounge events they parted company, Jane and Dick went back to the resort to get in a little gaming and a few cocktails before dinner. As Jane sits and plays at video poker, Dick standing behind massaging her neck and shoulders misadvising and cheering her on in her apparent fruitless efforts. Looking down he can see that the massaging movements of the light vinyl jacket were causing her nipples to strain against the material trying to escape their restriction and one of her hands disappearing beneath the heaving mounds. Once the credits were quickly used up they played a few games of pool. With the tournament tied, Dick was in line to sink the eight ball for the championship when in his line of sight over the pocket was the painted on jeans revealing every hill and valley and a tell tale wet spot, lifting his eyes higher to an exotic beauty with her jacket unzipped teasingly exposing her luscious mounds while humming the striper. After dinner and the rain appearing to slack off they returned to their suite to prepare for the evenings activities. In the late hours of the evening, the rain reduced to a misty fog and after watching some TV, Jane and Dick got dressed and prepared some mobile cocktails then headed out for a mid night stroll. Frolicking through a flooded recreation area splashing and kicking water at one another and frequently pausing for some passionate tongue dancing and some groping and stroking. Along the nature trail they stopped at a bench for some refreshments and a little hanky panky, continuing down the trail they could hear the echoing screech of karaoke as they approached the lounge patio, which was empty due to the dampness, and just beyond standing taking a break was Jane and Dick’s bartender friend, stopping for idle chat and when the barkeep suggested that our presence inside would make things interesting, in which at that time Jane lifted up Dick’s poncho revealing his now hanging fat seven and the couple’s evening attire and nodding in agreement at the interesting portion of her suggestion as they strolled away leaving her drooling, bug eyed and speechless. With the clouds breaking and revealing a few stars, the misty fog dissipating, at the bench of the ninth hole Dick is on his knees with Jane’s legs over his shoulders heeding the sign, in the past twenty four hours the enchanted forest became the arrow to the garden of delights, by licking, nibbling and sucking at the bud and petals of her womanhood, his darting tongue teasing the “G”, his hands tweaking her nipples to erection as his tongue went to visit his puckered via taint, as his tongue massaged and penetrated her sphincter she joyfully squealed and the canal flood gates opened soaking his face and with every darting tongue jab the orifice gave him a spray. Reluctantly she pushes him away and leads him to the pin where she goes to her knees and with a talented mouth sucking, licking and biting bringing him to rock hardness then turning buns up begging for a fill up, flipping her poncho over her head and with a spit his pile driver drove deep into her rectum causing her to let out a rapturous cry and with every butt rippling stroke they could hear her repeated echoes of “love me, baby” coming from the lake. When Dick went to alternate his orifice of penetration Jane cursed at him to put it back and when he complied she let a gush and her warm nectar soaking his groin causing him to explode deep within. Sitting cuddled on the green they finish their refreshments and on the return to their suite while passing by they went for a quick skinny dip in the pool.

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