Teasing and Denial, Chastity and Cuckoldry  

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10/26/2005 7:35 pm

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Teasing and Denial, Chastity and Cuckoldry

Imagine, if you will, a sexy but cruel vixen who excites you so much that all you can think about is her. She knows you want her sooo badly, and she uses that to tease you unmercifully and wrap you around her little finger. You would do anything for her--and you soon WILL.

Pretty soon, she OWNS your orgasms. You find yourself constantly aroused but frustrated, brought close to the brink of cumming over and over again, but never allowed relief. She tortures your cock and balls, and the pain is beginning to feel like intense pleasure. You are now her complete slave, her pet, her property--and you love it!

She laughs at your puny little cock, and tells you there's no way THAT little thing could ever satisfy her, so you can forget about ever being allowed to put it inside her. If you've been a good boy and done all your chores, she'll let you lick her feet, her ass and worship her divine pussy. As she cums with your face between her legs, she giggles and tells you that you will not be cumming again tonight.

The only times you are allowed to cum is in the least satisfying, most humiliating ways. She gets a charge out of making you eat your mess off of whatever surface she's allowed you to dribble on.

Most of the time, though, you just suffer from a terrible case of blue balls. You sneak a quick jerk every now and then, but she always finds out and punishes you severely. Often, she makes you jerk off while she laughs at how small your cock is and how much of a wimp you are--and makes you stop before you can cum. You know better than to disobey, because your cock and balls still vividly remember the torture from the last time you came without her permission.

Finally, one day she says she has a surprise for you. Feeling hopeful, you take off your clothes and close your eyes as she commands. Then you feel something strange on your cock, and hear an evil laugh from your Goddess. Opening your eyes, you look down to see a chastity device locked to your cock, and she is waving the key with a look of triumph.

There will be no more sneaking a jerk now and then, and she makes it clear that if you ever hope to see that thing removed from your cock once in a while, you are going to have to learn how to be even more enslaved than you already are. She tells you she's been fucking REAL men all along, and she's decided that one of your new chores from now on will be to eat their cum out of her when she comes home from fucking them.

Seeing your look of horror, she laughs even harder. Don't worry, she says, that's just the BEGINNING!!

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