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7/19/2006 3:17 am

1) Embracing: Embracing or clasping removes the physical distances between the partners. Embracing can be of two kinds depending on whether the partners know each other previously or are unknown to each other. Between the partners, who already know each other, embracing is full of drive. Between the partners who are unknown to each other, embracing removes the physical distance and establishes closeness.

There are four distinct stages in the process of embracing. These are touching, pulling, rubbing and pressing hard. First the partners touch each other lovingly while talking. Next they are drawn closer. Any partner may pull the other. Once their bodies come in close contact, the partners caress and stroke each other. Even their bodies begin to rub against each other. Finally as the urge grows stronger, the partners begin to press hard against each other in preparation to an intercourse. Exponents of Kama Sutra advise that at this stage the partners must make full use of the things not mentioned anywhere but helping to increase the intensity of love.

Kissing: Kissing may accompany embracing or follow it. It is used prominently before the actual coition to increase the intensity of love. On the female body, there are eleven points sensitive to kissing. These are forehead, cheeks, eyes, bust, breasts, lips, and palate inside the mouth. Besides these some people have no hesitation is kissing even the lips of the cunt, and around it, armpits and jovelings. Exponents of Kama Sutra advise that a particular kind of kiss must be reciprocated fittingly.

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