2 weeks to go!  

rm_nawtgrl69 39F
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6/7/2006 8:12 pm
2 weeks to go!

Ok plans have changed.. and I am driving back those wonderfull 3 thousand myself by my lonesome to SC. Gonna miss some of you ( aka my friends on here) This was a new thing for me to be on a site like this,,, but hey " dont knock it till you try it" right? Well, I have made some friends out of this and I have a bunch of scary ass guys message me too-lol Ok , one note ( not like anyone wants my dammed advice) GUYS.. plz plz be carefull on this site... Carefull from a girl..? um hell yes. I have a bunch of freinds that are on this site ( male ones)and they say alot of these women turn into stalkers. One girl somehow got on base and was waiting for him after pt.... yea. I'm just saying this b/c ya know be carefull. Us woman are feraky some in good ways ( ie myself) and some in bad( ie; crazy little miss thats in love with u now) take care, Im sry that I didnt get to meet some of you. Just ya know, bang a hot girl for me

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