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6/13/2006 8:59 am

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What up all y'all? This is my first post, so bare with mey, at least until I'm a lil more experienced with this shit!

I wanna give a shout to my girl MissKittynip26, who actually started me off with this blog thing!! and for her special shout. Much luv. By the way, y'all oughta check her shit out sometimes. Mad props gurl, you still guerilla pimpin in my book!!!!!!

Anyway, I figured from reading her shit that a blog wouldnt actually be a bad idea, ya know, when you wanna get some shit off ya chest or just talk bout some off tha wall type shit you got going on. So here it is.

People, have you ever wondered why on this site, you might see people that you think cute and shit but when you hit 'em up, ya know, go through the whole invite to my network thang, they accept and you never hear from these Mutha Fuckas? or they never respond?......NOTE their profile says "ONLY SERIOUSLY INTERESTED PEOPLE APPLY" or "NOT FOR GAMES" etc. Well, why dont you MUTHA FUCKAS RESPOND?

I think AdultFriendFinder should require a person to pay for like three months of service then allow them to choose whether or not they wish to remain a member. That would weed out some of these deadbeat "daters".

Nah dont get me wrong, I know one standard member who's active as a bitch on this web site and actually it's poppin' in her favor, homegurl gettin dick like oxygen!!!!! But, NEWSFLASH, this fucking site is starting to promote "bots" who fills your fucking email inbox with tons of "hornywifelookin" and "fuckmesideways" messages that drives me up the FUCKIN WALL!!!!!!

OK,OK,OK BACK TO ORIGINAL GRIPE. To me it seems that at one point the site becomes somewhat like high school, a popularity contest. Would you talk me if I had no friends on my list? lol or if i had like 200 friends? UH hello, Read the top left hand corner!!!!!! It clearly states "The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community" not "The friends network". People.....Let's get the fuckin goin on here!!! I dont care how many friends a person have on here, I'm here to find some good pussy, head, threesomes, ya know all that shit! Some people keep it real in their profile and be like "I'm here for some fuckin!" but others be like "uh, I'm lookin for romance, chivalry, prince charming.... GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! maybe it's just me.

Nah everybody aint for everybody ok? but eventually you see someone who arouses your curiosity and you wanna holla. You mutha fuckas need to holla back and get that shit poppin' I dont care if you got 500 friends on your list, if I'm hollarin', I'm hollarin.

So to all y'all out there (you know who you are) stop being shitty and holla back at people who take the time to holla at you. Never know, might be excatly what you looking for.

Now with that said "GO DO YA THANG! HOLLA BACK"


MissKittyNip26 107F

6/13/2006 11:57 am

ROFLMAO!! Now.. THAT was some funny shit.. and a great FIRST blog! I'm fixin' to go pimp you on my blog.. And, that's some real shit you're talkin'.. but you SHUT UR DAMN MOUTH about requiring people to pay! LOL..as a standard member myself, I would be pissed off about that!

And actually, crazy as it is.. there's a few men that are just as you described.. FULL OF SHIT.. but oh well.

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6/13/2006 12:17 pm

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