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3/5/2005 12:40 pm

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i arrive, windblown, gritting my teeth against the damp, blowing cold. i've been at the cemetary again, snapping photos of the resting places of bones, and leathery skin. i had stumbled across the gravestone of one of my classmates, dead nearly a year... it's a little staggering at 23 to find out someone you used to run with is dead, it's especially staggering to find out by seeing their gravestone. at any rate, i wandered around town, expecting nothing... i wasn't disappointed. i walked in the house, kicked off my shoes, mom said that one of my "boyfriends" had called. you. if she knew, she would NEVER call you a "boy"friend again. i struggled to keep any sense of excitement out of my voice, as i asked to use the cell phone (free weekends and all), and dialed you, with slightly shaking hands. your voice, distorted by miles of wireless transmission, already with the hint of a tan sneaking in. you admonish me, say i don't sound like me... you sound like you. you gently joke about my reluctance to exchange sentiments over the phone... i don't do it to cause damage, i just prefer to not be overheard. you call me sweetheart, and give me instructions. i'm to stay at home, as you'll be calling later. do i obey?

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3/5/2005 6:30 pm

Hell no! You go on out, have a good time, get a good story to tell..and when he calls the next day or so and asks why you were not home at his command, you tell him your outrageous story and ask why he expected you to obey a command from him in the first place.

Unless you are a submissive and playing some powerexchange games with a Dom. In that case, stay home and hopefully he will give you a more fun command in the future.

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