Slowly you earn your reward  

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8/29/2006 8:16 am

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Slowly you earn your reward

Picture yourself blindfolded, face down on the bed and hands tied tightly above your head. Arm stretched out and legs spread. I like to take my time during sex, bringing my victim slowly to a plateau and then toying with her like a cat plays with a mouse. Gently touching, kissing and licking your entire body until you beg for something more solid, something substantial and rhythmic. I like the way your body twitches as I lightly run my finger tips along your sides, the way your back arches as the tip of my tongue traces the line that runs from the nap of your neck across your anus and to the folds of your vagina leaving a light streak of wetness that I can blow on to further stimulate the most sensitive nerves. I like the way your pelvis quivers and raises as I tickle the underside of your hips. I like the way you sigh when I slide forward placing my weight on your body and kiss your neck or nibble your ear. I like the soft voice you speak with when I tell you to say, “please fuck me Master” and the way you jump when I smack your ass for not saying it loud enough. “Please fuck me Master” you yell in response. “Not yet my pet”. I like the way you press against my thumb as it massages your anus in a circular motion. The sounds you udder when I caress your pussy and slowly run my fingers threw your folds brings me great joy. I smile as you bear down to give me easy access to your orifices. My fingers slip past your outer ring with such ease and I love the way you start to rock you hips against the pressure. I like it when you look back in disgust when I take the pressure away and smack you ass again, this time for not holding still. Oh the way you moan when I roll you over and place my warm mouth on your nipple and gently suckle it until it stands hard and tall. My tongue once again traces its way to places that bring words to your throat…Soft and unrecognizable but so satisfying to hear. Once again I slide up your torso, my cock dragging a path up your leg and resting in your soft and damp area, my lips touching yours but just briefly before I nibble your neck and ears. ..”beg me to fuck you!” I whisper in your ear….”beg me you slut”….

69funnflirty 29F

2/19/2007 11:46 am

mmmm... I like this one!!! It makes me wet just thinkin about it

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