WTF do I do?  

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4/25/2006 1:45 pm

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WTF do I do?

I sit here thinking about life. I have to wonder at the audacity of some people. Take my ex for instance, he's such a jerk.
Recently he has put me through pure hell with a custody battle based on lies. I have fought day and night trying to stay one step ahead of this jerk off just to be knocked back 15 steps every third day.
Yesterday, after being apart for 2 years, I get court papers in the mail. Court papers for me to pay HIS outstanding bills... right up to LAST MONTH! If this isn't enough, he shows up to pick up my kid in a new truck! This is the second new truck in the 2 years. He also has purchased a new laptop, an xbox, a PS2, an ATV and numerous other "toys".
I sit here wondering where I'm going to get the money to feed my kids tomorrow night, most days, while he lives high on the hog!!!
This man is living on disability. While he does this he holds down a job and sells drugs. He's fencing stolen property and making PILES of money. money that I see nothing of! Reporting him to police is no option as they think I am a jealous ex!!! So where does this leave me and my kids??? Out in the cold, that's where!!!!
Where is the fairness, the respect for his kids, and the desire to give them everything he can? Well that desire has switched off to his new girlfriend's kids. He desires custody of my child to increase his monthly cheque! He is trying to attain this so badly he has lied to Children's services about my parenting and sent them here on numerous occasions late into the night.
Sound like a nightmare?? Oh it is!!! So, here now is the reason for this blog entry....

I want to do the right thing, the legal way, but i wna screw him over so bad he will never recover! Any suggestions?? Im open to everything... HIT ME!!!!

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