A Love Found (poem)  

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4/30/2006 9:27 pm

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A Love Found (poem)

A Love Found

A young woman walked up to me tonight
I could see a hurt deep in her eyes as she tried mightily to cover it with forced smiles
Talking through the night I heard her story of love never found
Broken hearts following cold hearted men using her body with a false love
Her wish to feel love for just one night she would never give up

With an urgent heart she asked me to help tonight so she could feel
Asking me to take her home she asked to make love
She wanted to finally feel like she was in love laying in a bed drowning in passion
As we stood face to face under candle lit stars I told her it was she who had to make the love become real
Throw away all doubts that lie within and do not continue until your heart is hanging out trusting me to catch it as it falls

When our lips meet you must become drunk with lust
While our tongues dance forget all memories of the past
For it is only you who can make this passion between us real tonight only you who can finish this bond that will unite
As I softly caress your skin tingles must shoot as if lighting strikes constantly deep inside your body webbing through your veins
Believe us to be the only ones on earth and my name must become so special that it would be your last words ever spoken

That night we made love as if erupting with a passionate bond so strong only death itself could break
Perspiring of a lust so feverish our blood boiled with desire
Awakening the next morning we held each other tightly until it was time to depart
Never to see each other again she walked out the door as I lie naked on the bed
Saddened for I too pleaded for such a strong love and silently lay as it walked quietly out of my door

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