Tradesmen can not add up.  

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3/23/2006 11:14 am

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Tradesmen can not add up.

The picture on the left is of a Burlington slate roof,this slate will have been cut out of a quarry in a area of the UK called the Lake District,then dressed to make slates of different sizes,in someones Blog i read a few days ago they reckoned that tradesmen do not no now to add up,so lets re roof this roof using the original slate.

Before we start we need to know how many sq meters of roof this is,this is so we can buy the right amount of underlay,as we know the length of the roof we can count how many courses of slates [rows] there are to give us a fairly accurate estimate of the roofing battens we need ,we also need to buy more slate,we know that 25sq meters of slate equals 1 ton in weight,we also know that when we come to re fix the slates we will only be able to cover 16 sq meters of roof space with the same slates,so as we know the size of the roof we can work out how much slate in weight we need to buy to cover the roof.

When we have finished stripping the slates from the roof,we can now size them all and put them in piles,then each pile at a time we will put on the bench and check them one by one,maybe they need dressing again,our maybe re holing,we are going to re fix these slates giving them 3inches of double lap, to achieve this we must be accurate with are spacing of the battens and re holing,we know that if we measure a slate from the bottom to top then divide this figure and add 2inches from the bottom of the slate this is the distance where we will rehole the slate,it will now fix on are battens,we can nail it on one batten and the top of the slate will sit on the batten above.

Next we will count the piles to find out how many slates we have got in each size,then take a average width size of the pile,as we know the length of the roof we can work out how many rows of slate we can get out of our piles.We can maybe get 8 rows out of one pile,our just one row.

Now we can work out if we have enough slate to get from the bottom of the roof to the top,we start with the pile of the biggest sized slates we measure one of them from bottom to top then minus 3inches from this figure then divide it,this figure is the distance from the top of one batten to the top of the next batten.

The only thing we need to bear in mind now as we re fix the slates is that we have to give them 3inches of side lap,well this tradesman knows how to add up,and divide,and subtract.

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You have been tagged! See my post [post 281913] for more details.

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I have seen it x.

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