Shopping with a difference.  

rm_muffin162 57M
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1/25/2006 9:07 am

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3/19/2006 5:20 pm

Shopping with a difference.

Yesterday i went to a meeting in town,after this i was free so i visited a favorite pub of mine for some hours.I did not have anything for tea,but thats not a problem.In and out,in and out they come, sometimes the same people,drug addicts trying to sell there stolen goods from the town center.I bought 3 packs of ham,2 bars of chocolate,a can of shaving foam,and a can of deodorant.I passed on the pork chops,cheese,t shirts,jeans,dvds,various nik naks,though i was tempted by some nice candles.Are you going to criticize me from the comfort of your warm house believing that i am adding to their misery,that i am a part of this vicious circle of drug addiction and shoplifting.Our that i am helping them,making that cold night they sleep out in a bit more tolerable.

brightblonde3 59F

1/25/2006 3:54 pm

muffin, the only thing I caution you about here is do continue to beware of the pork chops.



rm_muffin162 57M
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1/26/2006 10:51 am

Yeah blondy i agree,i have never been keen on pork chops.


SensuousWoman3 56F
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1/26/2006 4:13 pm

I think you have to go where your sense of compassion takes you. However, I must say, I love pork chops!—but only knowing they’ve been properly refrigerated—not sure that is something I’d want to buy from a “street vendor.”

rm_muffin162 57M
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1/27/2006 1:13 pm

You like pork chops sensuous,i will eat them if they are cooked in oil with herbs and roast potatoes,cooked in the oven.Let me know when they are ready.

Dreamwoman2006 59F
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1/28/2006 4:42 am

Huge dilemma, for it seems like you might have given them a chance to eat ... but then, they already did have the pork chops, right??

I'd have passed, partly on the grounds that I don't want to be an 'enabler'. Been there, done that - and only got an invisible badge saying 'good hearted but naive'.

rm_muffin162 57M
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1/28/2006 8:41 am

No huge dilemma for me dreamwoman,as i said i was at a meeting,it was to discuss homeless drug addicts,i sat in a room with people who are good hearted but naive.

rm_jazzhead05 56M
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2/3/2006 9:26 am

You didn't have anything for tea so you bought a can of shaving foam from a drug addict? I'm glad I don't eat at your house.

rm_muffin162 57M
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2/4/2006 3:56 am

Jazzhead you will not be comeing to my house,i do not want you in here searching all my cupboards for a g spot.

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