Another hard day at the office  

rm_muffin162 57M
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8/21/2006 9:56 am
Another hard day at the office

Not for me,i am still not feeling 100 percent fit,so i have been lazing around all day,there is not much you can do when you do not feel well expect stay indoors,i had my first solid meal for a week yesterday so i must be getting over my bout of food poisoning,i have been organizing my bird pictures,i have downloaded thousands of them and finally i have worked out how i wish to store them,the picture on the left is of a pair of crowned cranes,also i have been looking into my bike ride,lots of planing needed for this and working out stuff,its not as straight forward as i hoped it would be,things have changed in the world since muffin ventured anywhere,getting around Europe is easy also most of Asia its the bit in between thats the problem,i will have to work out 3 maybe 4 routes of travel between Turkey and China,i want to enter China at Urumqi in Xinjang province,then make my way down the Karakorum highway over the worlds highest border into Pakistan and on to India where i will stay for the winter.

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