Another good muffin job  

rm_muffin162 57M
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7/13/2006 4:23 pm
Another good muffin job

I found this picture on flikrs website,to you it looks like a squash court, to me it has some meaning it is on the the island of Cyprus a beautifull island in the Medditerian sea.
Its is not open to the general public it is reserved for the British military personel who are stationed on this Island,it is in the Akrotri Air Force base which is a few miles from the city of Limassol,why is it special, well muffin covered the floor of the squash courts with plywood boards then taped down a roll of plastic to protect the wooden floor,then built some scaffolding and knocked off the old plaster with the help of two Arab guys from Syria,then we cleaned up and i instructed them in how to mix a good plaster and i skimmed the walls with the plaster both courts,i think i done a pretty good job,i wonder if we would be able to do this job in todays world, me with no visa to even work in Cyprus,and 2 Arab guys from Syria working in a British Air Force base

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