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rm_mtnravyn 61M
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8/10/2006 7:48 pm

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11/10/2006 2:10 pm

Women - Why do you

Women, even if you are only a friend, why do you try and change me? I was at a gathering tonight and there were about 100 people there. A woman friend asked "Do you know those people over there?" I said no and her response was "Well you should go over and introduce yourself?" "Why?" "Because it is the polite thing to do." She badgered me the rest of the evening about this. It is always something relatively trivial but I have two or three women in my life that believe I need to be somehow different.

Now I used to speak and large gatherings of people (2000+) and did the social thing of trying to be as available as possible. I was laso on submarines for many years. As I approach half a century I do believ I know how social I want to be when. I prefer solitude to big crowds now. I know way more poeple than I really want to and to expand that circle takes more than just someone being present. Might I miss oout on someone intersting? (One of the arguments given) Yes but so what.

So women why this need to change me. What do you get out of changing men.

I will add that I am certainly open to change and learning but it is my choice and I guess I need to see the benefit of considering change. I do believe that I still have things to learn.

rm_magnet4u22 50F
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8/10/2006 8:09 pm

I don't think that would be all women that you are referring to. I don't want to change a man. If I am attracted to a man, I certainly wouldn't want to change something that drew me to him in the first place.


rm_mtnravyn replies on 8/11/2006 3:30 am:
I agree Mags It certainly would not apply to all but happens too often to be limited to a few. Thanks for stopping by

rm_dimples565 69F
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8/10/2006 8:30 pm

You have an interesting profile. I think its sick when people try to change other people. They must be so unhappy with themselves and unwilling to change so try to change others.

I just dumped a lover of four months for this very thing. Things went great the first three months, then I needed to change my style of clothes, didnt have the right kind of coffee pot, didnt have the right soap in the bathroom. Nick Pick Nick Pick

Then KNOWING FROM THE START I want nothing to do with bisexual activities decides he wants me to do that and have some guy suck him off.

I told him to FUCK OFF.

My mail box is so full of email I can't keep up with it, and have already met other men who like me just the way I am.

Don't change yourself for anyone. If you want to make changes do it because you wanta to do it.

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rm_mtnravyn replies on 8/11/2006 3:31 am:
We are attracted to an opposite intially and the opposite becomes the irritant, I think. Thanks for stopping by.

TabithaElectra 39F

8/11/2006 1:25 am

I have to agree with the above two comments also, not all women are like this....

rm_mtnravyn replies on 8/11/2006 3:33 am:
As with Mags, TE, it does happen and too much for my lliking. Funny thing is this was a frined who I am not sleeping with or dating. LOL

rm_TnSexyLady_ 56F
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10/24/2006 5:04 pm

Maybe she wasn't really trying to change you but just looking out for you as a friend. She might have been trying to get you to introduce yourself thinking that maybe one of the people you introduced yourself to might be someone that you would hit it off with.

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