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7/28/2006 7:55 pm

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I wrote this in frustration at some of the BS which seems to have been creeping from our political leaders into the blogs here.

“We have been so busy learning and doing that we have forgotten how to really listen.” a Cherokee Elder

A community is all the things that its individuals have bound together in the form of stories, revelations, observations, and accepted limits they hold “sacred” to their world. It is a representation of their lives, their spirits, and their vision. But if the focus is only on the “what can be seen” what will be missed is the greater gift the community represents. That gift can promote the calming of the spirit, the opportunity to ventilate, and the opening the connection between its members and all living things. It can create a sense of oneness in the energy flow of choices and enhance a sense of unity through the mind, body, and spirit with the community.

That sense of community seems to be absent in our world at present. Mybe that is what those who blog, not only here, but across the internet are seeking. It is sad when I see that sense of community developing only to have some who are either too full of fear, too stupid (since ignorance requires acknoledgement that learning is possible), or so self absorbed and self-entitled TRY to attack individuals who may be a little different.

I do try to assess if my intent is to harm or deride or demean before I post or reply to a post. And i would suggest that to be a part of a community that would be the question that all members must ask themselves. I have been lucky or blessed to have made some friends here and to have some friendships developing. I am also aware that in a community there will be sifferent groups which form but there is no need for friction between groups and even some members who meander between groups providing some overall cohesion.

Those who violate the "sanctity" of the community seem to belike a cancer that is trying to not only "infect" indivduals but also create wedges between the smaller groups. My hope is that wiser heads will contibue to prevail and these _______ will continue to act as elders to maintain the community. I also appreciate when an individual speaks up for himself or herself. And I hope the diversity and creativity that manifests so beautifully throughout this community continues to grow and flourish.

Here are the questions I ask when seeking insight or understanding:
Who or what am I a part of?
What do I enjoy doing or do well?
What do I have to share or contribute?

MillsShipsGayly 53M

7/30/2006 8:43 am

Unfortunately some folks feel alienated and it becomes a self-fulfilling situation. They lash out in their anger and become more isolated/less a part of the community.

I wonder how the world will go forward with powerful communities: US/Israel (christian), Iran-Syria (muslim), China speaking at each other and no longer seeking to find common ground.

Ann Coulter seems content to be a community of one ....

rm_mtnravyn 61M
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7/30/2006 9:18 am

Michael She may be a community of many in one Thanks for your comments. And I too wonder about direction especiually as I listened to the news this morning with the "justifications" for all the "collateral" damge bot in Lebanon, Israel, and Iraq. Imagine f all that energy and money went into helaing and feeding thos without.

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