The Private Show  

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11/11/2005 10:59 am

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The Private Show

Lindsey had met me at the door of her dorm room in McDonnel Hall. Already stripped down to a MSU baby tee and white panties, she pulled me inside and locked the door behind us. After a weeks worth of IM's back and forth she was ready to meet. I was to be the private audience for her "one-man" show. She had one condition. I could watch and watch only. There would be no contact between us. I agreed to the terms and now found myself seated in a chair across the room from the sofa she now draped herself over.

Lindsey was a petite girl with delicate features. She had curly black hair, piercing green eyes and a nice tight ass. Barely 5 feet, her small frame was ideal for her roll as the coxswain for the MSU Crew team.

My eyes fixed on her form, she began rubbing her small, perky tits trough her tee. I could easily tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her hard nipples were clearly visible under her shirt. She moaned softly as she continued to massage her mounds.

Her right hand then headed south and under her panties. She kept her eyes closed as she probed her own wetness. I could see glimpses of her shaved pussy with each movement of her hand. She playfully tugged down on her panties - stopping before revealing everything.

Unable to control myself any longer, I pulled my throbbing cock from my jeans and began pumping my rod. Lindsey notice and smiled. She pulled her shirt over her head and then reach back onto the shelf behind her.

Facing me once more, she began seductively tonging a vibrator. She turned the power on and guided the vibrator head to her nipple - and then to the other. Lowering the vibrator further, she moved her panties to one side and teased the lips of her labia. Sufficiently worked up, she plunged the shaft deep inside her, pumping it in and out as she fingered her clit with her free hand. I watched amazed as she let her climax take her.

The sounds of her orgasm and the way her body arched was too much for me to take. I could feel the pressure in my cock building as I stroked my cock faster and faster. I let out a moan as I shot my load across the room.

True to our word, our bodies never touched, yet the experience still lingers in my head today.

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