Erotica, part 1  

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5/2/2006 2:31 am

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Erotica, part 1

I sent this in an email to someone here on HotMatch/AdultFriendFinder and I thought that maybe I should share it with everyone. It's my first stab at writing anything like this so I'm sure it's kind of rough, but I hope it at least gets you a little wet/hard. Let me know what you think.

I meet a girl at a bar and start talking and buying rounds. She's got these sexy green eyes that seem to stare through mine, and a body with so many curves that I'm speechless. We don't talk about anything too deep, but the whole time she was turning me on with her voice. I was so turned on that when she mentioned her previous lover and the kind of sex that she liked from him, I could already feel myself starting to grow hard. She wouldn't stop describing her sexual fantasies and I was completely hard; hard to the point that if I stood up from the bar in my tight jeans, my arousal would be apparent to everyone there. She reaches for another lime to put in her drink and her arm knocks my drink over which soaks the bottom of my shirt and the entire lap of my pants. She felt so bad that she was instantly appologizing and started to use napkins to help dry my shirt. Before I had a chance to refuse her help, she started blotting my pants dry, starting just below the knee and then her hand falls right down onto my throbbing hard cock. She pauses and looks down without moving her hand. I see the corners of her mouth turn up into a smile, then she slowly raises her head and meets my eyes with a seductive and excited glance. My embarrasment instantly melts away and I smile back at her. Without warning, her smile gets bigger as she gives my cock a good squeeze and lets out a soft moan before she leans in to kiss me softly, slowly, on the lips with a single flick of the tongue. When the kiss was over, too soon in my opinion, our faces are inches apart and the sparkle in her eyes is even more vibrant now. She insists that I need to get out of my wet clothes and that she has something that I could change into back at her place. I pay our tab and we grab our coats. She laughs at me holding the coat in front of me, hiding my wet pants, but more importantly my level of arousal. She grabs my coat and runs for the door, leaving me wide open for comment. I have no choice but to run after her and hope that I get out the door without incident. Her car is parked right outside and she's in the driver's seat with the motor running, so I hop in. We look into each other's eyes and laugh about what just happened, but then her smile goes away. In a soft but strong voice, she commands me to take off my wet clothes before she drives me anywhere. I only pause for a second until I can tell that she's serious, so I do what I'm told. I start with my shirt and toss it in the back seat. While I'm taking off my shoes, I feel something brush by my side. When I looked, I saw that it was her hands starting to undo my belt and undo my pants. She slides them off to discover that I'm wearing no underwear and my cock pops out into the open, ready for what was coming next.

To be continued...

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