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9/11/2006 12:44 pm

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I was cruising around the parking lot of the local mall today trying to find a parking spot and i saw this couple standing beside an open parking space screaming at each other. It was the only parking space i could see so i pulled in. When i got out i looked over at them and they guy looked at me and asked what the hell am i looking at and started talking shit to me. Well i'm not one to back down and let somebody talk shit to me but for some reason i just laughed at him and started to walk away. I took about 3 steps and turned around to see if he was still there and you wouldnt believe what i saw. He punched the shit out of the chick he was with for not jumping in and talking shit to me.I was stunned for a few seconds and one thing that can fire me up is for some asshole to beat on a woman, i cant stand to see that. I knew he was big and the only thoughts that ran through my head were, well at least i'll get one hit and maybe he'll stop hitting her, and i pray i knock him out in 1 hit. I just lost it and walked up to him and punched him on the left side of his jaw. He hit the ground and i thought i knocked him out but boy was i wrong. The next thing i know he jumps up and grabs me and starts tossing me against the wall that separates the left side and the right side of the parking garage. I couldnt do shit, he was way to strong for me and then he punches me in the stomach and that was it for me, i fell to my knees holding my stomach. Luckily, a security guard pulls up in his little cart and escorts the couple off the parking garage. What happened to the woman? I have no idea, hopefully she dumps his ass. I do have a question, why do some guys hit women?

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9/11/2006 1:50 pm

because they're assholes

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