ahhhhhhh Saturday  

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5/13/2006 10:04 am
ahhhhhhh Saturday

Well first off let's get something out of the way. Got some e-mails concerning that I was going to Alibi's. In case you are wondering yes it is a gay bar and no I don't care. It's laid back and has a great atmosphere and plus I don't have to worry about anyone hitting on me. I am secure enough in my manhood to go there. So that's it. Quit freaking out. Now for last night. Went to Alibi's first obviously. 2 girlfriends of mine were hanging out so we talked and then headed to The Oyster Pub. Oyster Pub was kind of slow for a Friday. Love The Oyster Pub though. Has kind of that Cheers vibe. Where everyone knows your name or something like that. Then off to Rain. Now this was more like it. Tons of beautiful women and good music. Water still costs 9 dollars so I sipped it very slowly. Met some nice girls but I was actually a little tired so I went home early. Today I'm just going to relax, walk on the beach to get some sun, wrap my Mother's Day present, and basically chill. Tonight I am going out to play miniature golf. That's right a little Putt Putt golf. I love doing this every once in awhile because I am a kid at heart and it is so fun. I'm no good but oh well. Maybe stop by Mai Tai's for a bit to see a friend of mine. Don't forget to buy your Mother's Day gifts today is the last day. Remember if you are single girl and would like to meet me tonight e-mail me and I will tell you what I will be wearing. I'll be out having fun.

Sorry this post was so boring......not sure what is wrong with me. Must be Daytona. Maybe something will happen tonight.

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