So Tuesday is movie night  

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So Tuesday is movie night

Well well well it's Tuesday. This means movie night and in recognition of this fact we must of course mention that the world's biggest film festival Cannes has now started. Ahhh France, celebrities, and film previews. Gotta go one day that's for sure. All the big names have been there this year and no good films have yet emerged from the pack. Bruce Willis ironically enough is pushing his new movie in the works Die Hard 4. I never think sequels work but hey you never know. I hope he doesn't hurt himself doing his own stunts. Man you know it's gotta kill Bruce that his former wife is with Ashton Kutchner. Bruce you've been punk'd. The film I am most interested in is Fastfood Nation. I read the book and it was great. It was basically about America's obsession with junk food and eating. Not sure how well the book will translate to film and it is a gamble anyways because of the movie Supersize Me which came out about 2 years ago. In that movie, which is a documentary, Morgan Spurlock eats McDonald's for a month and films the results. It's not pretty and I haven't eaten Mcdonald's since. Cannes is the place where all the big movies start gaining steam and by the end of the week we should know what the next "big" summer blockbuster is going to be. O.k. so tonight I'll be watching the movies Duma and Enron:Smart Guys. Should be good but we'll see. Went off my normal path today and got Gummi Worms instead of Hot Tamales for tonight. I'm such a risk taker. I'll have the reviews tomorrow.

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