Everybody's working for the weekend.  

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5/12/2006 7:24 am
Everybody's working for the weekend.

Finally another weekend here. Weather has turned from rainy to sunny so things are looking up. Read in the paper today that the government and the NSA (that's National Security Agency for you people that don't do acronyms) have been collecting the call records of millions of Americans obtained from AT&T, Bell South, and Verizon. Some people say invasion of privacy. Some people say it's for national security. I know this...my grandmother hasn't called Iran lately and I am going to quit crank calling Mcdonald's and asking if Ronald is there. Ok so my plans for tonight. Starting off this evening at Alibi's. It's on Main Street and is usually good on Friday's. From there I think it is a night for Rain. Maybe stop by The Oyster Pub briefly on the way there and see a friend of mine. If you are single girl and would like to meet me tonight e-mail me and I will tell you what I will be wearing. I'll be out having fun.

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Len-Steal My Sunshine
The Clash-Train In Vain
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