Sensual woman continued....  

rm_mortie4u 58M
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5/18/2006 3:40 pm
Sensual woman continued....

The best thing about a sensual woman is they are free to almost any sexual suggestions. Experimentation isn't scary to them its exhiliarating. It adds to the sexual experience for them. One of my first experiences with a sensual woman involved the woman that helped invent the teasing game referenced in my first blog post. Anywhere and everywhere was where we had sex. Much to the chagrin of my roomate. He always complained about finding us compromising situations, but he never left the room to quick I noticed. Apparently my girl friend noticed too, because she became more adventurous in our sexual adventures. It was turning her on knowing that sooner or later my roomate was going to show up.
One night as we were on the couch and playing with chocolate sauce . My roomate came in, after my initial embarassment. He saw what we were doing and told us we better not get any chocolate on his couch. My girlfriend replied if he was so concerned than he better help us clean it up! At the time I wasn't thrilled where this was going, but she told him where to start licking and then she grabbed my cock and started giving me a tremendous blow job. The more my roomate licked her chocolate covered clit, the more intense her sucking and licking on my shaft. My roomate stuck his fingers in her and she arched her back and came and right after so did I.
to be continued..

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