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rm_morgan12168 47M
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7/26/2006 12:16 am
up to 3

It sounds like I will have about 3 women joining me next time I love this. Well after a day like I have had it would be great to have a couple of women that want to have there pussy pounded like there is no tomorrow. well tomorrow is another day after all and i am hoping that it is going to be better however from this side it looks like it could be even worse.

My day is going to start by cleaning out my car because I have to trade with my partner so that i can use his truck. I really screwed up and bounced an $11,780 check can you say that you have ever done that? well anyway it was not suppose to be like that but shit happens. Now because of that little screw up I have to divide a food order for one store around to 3 others. if I can not talk the drivers in to delivering it for me i will have to make 3 runs what a pain in the ass. business man I tell you always throwing curves balls. It is a good thing that i can duck. otherwise I would take one right in the balls. Ok its is getting late and I am tired thanks every one for your emails and i hope that I answered your questions S. and i hope that you will join me after all. good night all.

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