Monday Morning. day after the first meeting.  

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7/24/2006 9:58 am
Monday Morning. day after the first meeting.

WoW who would have thought that there would be interest in a group around Weslaco. So allot of questions a few comments and one taker. So thanks J.M. I had a blast and I am glad that you were brave enough to play. I am sorry that we did not have a couple of more but with your help we can get this group growing.

So J.M. and I played for about 2 hours, J.M your toys were great and maybe next time I will be a little freaker, I did not think someone was freaker then me. learn something new every day.

Well I am up for anouther date I have to stress this is a place where you can be you and play as hard as you want or watch or lead. I think with the addition of a couple more a week this will be a major time to relax and have some growen up fun. You do not have to worry about a thing except have fun.

So I will make a trip to Mexico for a couple of new bottles J.M. drank all my Watermelon Vodka. Way to go J. If you would like to drink any thing in particular let me know before friday.

Ok well I need to get dressed I am working at home this morning. got a nice call from A.P. asking if I have had lunch??? is it to eat or a lucky break? I'll let you know.

Ok hope every one reading this is haveing a great day and email me I look forward to getting to know you.

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