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7/26/2006 10:17 pm

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Over The Line

I trudged sleepily in my nightgown to the mailbox, clumsily grasped at what was inside, just to find the ever so lovely electric/water/trash bill gleefully given to us by the city every month.

Although quite happy with the amount despite our new air conditioner *gotta keep that bedroom cool*, a sheet of paper attached glared me in the face. Apparently there has been some sort of water emergency in our area, and we're in desperate need to conserve water. Now, I'm definitely all for the idea that we need to not just waste water for the sake of saying we did, and doing what is reasonable to control usage. But to live my life around it? Whomever is governing the ordinances over this place needs to take a severe look at their sanity (and I thought I did!)

They expect us to come on our dime to the City office to fork over our old shower head in favor of a new water efficient one. Not a bad idea, and I do give them credit for such a suggestion. But a demand? What am I to tell the landlord, who is a royal stickler about doing so much as hanging a painting on my wall in the wrong fashion? Oh and, my husband is the one who has the car during every ... single ... hour... that they're open, because he takes it to work. So getting there to comply might be an issue.

Of course, no one locally is able to have a private swimming pool in their yard to cool off with the 110 degree heat here lately, because filling them is absolutely off limits. Sure glad we got tired of replacing the pump on our pool (I was so happy to have one, too) and took it down for the year already ... if we hadn't, I think I'd be a tidbit miffed at that one. Tidbit? No...try a lotta bit. I swear being a dolphin would come as second nature to me.

They're raising the cost of water in general ... Oh and get this. We're expected to lower our general water usage to 75% of the average Winter usage... in the midst of the July heat, that is!

Try as I might to brush off that thought, it took me some time to cool off (seeing as how I couldn't afford to so much as splash myself in the face to do so, haha!) ... THEN the hubby comes home and informs me that at ten o'clock at night, when he has been at work since early that morning, he is expected to mow our front lawn. Now this will be interesting ... seeing as how whenever we so much as bring a mower onto this property it breaks! (We've had 3 cheap ones this year.) ...

So, no mower and we have to get the lawn taken care of. Great. What to do, what to do... Now, just WHY must we do this in such a rash way, right this minute? I ponder. Oh - he heard our address over the scanner at work as one of the next ones to get ticketed. They charge 180 dollars and hour - and take as many breaks as they want. (They come and mow your lawn, I guess.) ... That is exorbitant and I ask you, how are we expected to afford such a ticket when we can't even buy our own dang mower (well, buy again). ...

Luckily we were able to snappy like borrow a mower and get it taken care of for now. ... Granted, these things seem trivial. But with everything going on locally with governments similar in nature to this, in addition to our more powerful federal government ...

I wonder - What comes next - the loss of America as a free country, literally altogether? If we're going to end up a communistic society in any case, could we please have some of the benefits that go along with it - such as equal health care for everyone?

That I shall get into with another post at some point and time, folks. Just something to consider.

electriccompany 54M

7/27/2006 4:55 am

You won't ever have that problem with Electric Company! Keep using my juice! I'll make more.

I hope that nightgown of yours is see-through.

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