Planning my dates  

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10/16/2005 9:27 am

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Planning my dates

As everyone knows ( or should know ), it's the hunters moon for the next 3 nights, 1 hour after sunset it will be huge and bright. so I have chosen some women to share this wonderful time ( as long as the clouds hold out )and have a mis-adventure on the beach

typically I like to plan everything out, and then let Murphy's Law take over.

so with tonight's date, I will be with Chris, she Brazilian, smart, sex and likes the beach. Things that I need, white wine chilled, fruit that chill well, music, bathing suit's. She's a meat eater, so I have to dig around for some smoked meats. I will be surprising her with deserts Fromm Brazil out of my basket. candles in glass on the beach.

tomorrows nights date, Jean. She has special needs, organic only, no dairy products, only meat she will eat is fish, does not drink, does not smoke. So I can not have a cigarette for the entire day ( oh well ). the things for this date, Soy-milk ( does not spoil ) and OJ, mixed together with some all natural sugar, shaken like crazy and it makes a refreshing drink. 2 mango's to share, toasted rice bread, organic Sushi. topping the night with a chocolate that is non-dairy and taste good. Need to bring pillows to rest our heads, she's a star gazer.

Tuesday night is the most important night. I will take my daughters down to the beach for and evening of dinner and star watching. Teaky torches on the beach ( illegal but I'm with them ), Meal to be served is Dad's Famous mac and cheese, topped off with pineapple juice and water. desert will be long island cheese cake.

Along these lines and about 20 other things I'll add to finish this off.

Men take note: prep work for a date gives you a slightly better chance than if you did nothing. Most of the women that I date, find that they like the effort, that I do for them, to find the foods and make a setting. In return I have their company, and if Murphy does not play any silly tricks, their warm loving time.

nothing is ever a sure thing, so always work at it.


MaggiesWishes 61F

10/16/2005 1:32 pm

Sounds enticing! You go boy!

I agree the thrid date is the most special! All the ingredients of an excellent evening.

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