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1/26/2006 2:37 pm

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All right, this is just a rant fully embraced by the both of us... are single men ignorant, stupid, or just plain bastards? Yes, you've all heard this one before, but we just want to get it off our chest. It all started two weeks ago with a spur-of-the-moment webcam show. That's how it always starts, we know, but still... that night alone we got 47 invites from single males to join our network, almost five times that in random emails, and still more than that in general pages over IM.

Etiquette Rule #1: If you page a member doing a webcam show, do NOT ask them a question, and then page them six more times with the same question. They are B-U-S-Y! Besides, most of your questions can be answered by reading their profile. (which, of course, brings us to...)

Etiquette Rule #2: Anyone who has written NO SINGLE MEN, SINGLE MEN NEED NOT APPLY, or anything like that in their profile means just that. Honest. We aren't playing a game to see which of you is the bravest, it means NO SINGLE MEN. Come on, boys, it's been drilled into you for years now. NO means NO.

Anyhow, where were we? Oh yes, that webcam show and all the attention it got us. That night alone left us in 162 hot lists. *grins* we must have been good. Anyhow, lately on AdultFriendFinder IM we've been getting pages from people who seem to be unable for one reason or another to read our profile. Guess who.... yep, single men.

Are any of you out there able to tell us if this is just a lie told by lazy bastards or if there really is a reason that standard members can't read a profile? To shed a bit of light on our settings, standard members are able to contact us, so that means they should be able to read our profile. Beyond that, we are under the impression that anyone can read any profile they choose.

Perhaps we can find some way to punish these nimrods that can't read but can apparently get an erection anyhow. Something like that big beastie over there to the left...

Anyhow, moving on....

Well, we must admit, there is nothing else to cover, think we may have gotten all of it out on that rant. Again, we are well aware that this horse has been beaten and beaten over and over again since it's death several years ago, but we wanted to get our shots in too. Sometimes you need to hit something to relax. *winks* Looks like we need to get new paddles, anyhow.

Until next time...


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