wrote the article and sumitted it.  

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2/14/2005 1:25 pm

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wrote the article and sumitted it.

completed one thing on my list so far. guess thats something. and I recieved a e-valentine card. oh boy. something to write home about.


I went to buy some bobby pins yesterday. The last time I bought bobby pins was 25 yrs ago. I bought about 5000 for $1.99 made in America I think they came in a plastic bowel (like we buy potato salad in) those lasted me thru 3 kids and 2 houses I used them in Halloween costumes and swept them up year after year.

So my bangs have grown out and I find I needed new bobby pins, one would think they would be cheap and easy to obtain, right? I stop in at my local Walgreen’s to get a couple things and bobby pins are on the list. Low and behold what has happened on the hair accessorize isle?

My goodness they have gotten really complicated they are all different colors now, and the are 'no-slip grip' and some are 'creative', some have inner grooves that keep the pin in place..... my when did bobby pins get so impressive and so many different sizes short ones long ones fat one thin ones some with little flowers on the ends and some with jewels.

I remember watching all those heroes saving the world or at least the end of the story with the pretty ladies and their bobby pin from her hair, and she always had one to spare her hair, it never messed up when she took it out, but that bobby pin was the perfect size to fit in the machine that would stop it just in time to keep it from destroying the community, country, world.

I remember feeling like if I was the girl with the hero he'd be hard pressed to have me around and I wouldn't have a bobby pin when needed or mine would probably have a daisy on it and it wouldn't work anyway. We all perish cause of my bad hair day.

In the sixties bobby pins were so common everyone had them around, I remember the single parent woman that lived in our neighborhood. She was the talk of the whole area. I felt sorry for her, it must have been hard to raise that little boy on her own. She had dishwater blond hair (like mine) and she would put it up in what looked like a million pin curls. Pin curls were little curls women made in their short hair by wrapping the hair around the index finger then using two bobby pins crisscrossed in an x on their head. This gal had pin curls every time I saw her; I often wondered when she ever had her hair out.

At today's bobby pin prices I can't image how that gal could of afforded her pin curls.

They are no longer in America, they are about 40 times more expensive then the last time I bought them or more I really don't see where they are made any better. Whets happening to us?

rm_Bigcolby 42M

2/16/2005 5:15 pm

Hey Mistymarks3, I just wonder how you can be in a horny mood, when you're talking about Bobby pins. You seriously must be one horny gal. Lol.

I mean, I've got a one tracked mind but after reading the world history of Bobby pins, there's just no way, I'm ready for action now.

I'm only joking hun, I liked your story.......... I didn't even know what a bobby pin was, now I'm truelly informed!

Thanks for checkin my Blog as well Misty, I will take your advice. Take care Colby x

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