Making progress  

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2/18/2005 3:02 pm

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Making progress

Lists, house work, home work, chores, and exercise. Sometimes I'm so 'on task' I even sicken myself. And today I've gotten more done by noon then some people do in a week.

I rememeber a co-worker telling me once that she admired me because I was the most on-task worker she had ever worked with. I was really taken back by that. I guess I'm rather old-school.

I think it is because I love life; I'm excited to be alive. And I'm honored to have the things I have so cleaning them is fun. And doing thing in my life are acts of pleasure. I want to be here.

It seems people forget how fun it is to play here.

I deserve a wonderful weekend, and my house is all clean, my homework is all caught up, and I don't have anything nagging at me to be done. Yeah!!!!! Time to celebrate!


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