I was mostly a good girl today (Daddy girl)  

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2/17/2005 9:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I was mostly a good girl today (Daddy girl)

I've been horribly horny for several for a day and half now. It's a timing thing. All my contacts are not working out. I hate that. Sometimes being single sucks, sometimes-single beings suck too. Wasn't that cute. I love to play with words. I know I'm really horny when I craving cock in my mouth. Damm! Anyway back to topic: I was mostly a good girl today, I filled out the on-line registration for financial aide and scholarships for college and I looked for a hard copy of one of my old Résumé’s (no luck, but hope lives) I did homework, went to class, ate well, and did a mid=term test. On the down side I didn't sleep well and was overly distracted kept thinking about sex and when I could get some. But I maintained pretty well all in all. Still haven't updated the checkbook. Need deal with that soon.

Flirted today with a cute blond Russian guy before class that was fun. He is way younger than I am and probably a near virgin I could do such naughty things to him...
But I doubt I will too many men so little time.

I told a young Chinese woman a story about my Mother's best friend a Korean War bride she liked the story, that gave me an idea, maybe I should write to first generation Americans. They always like the stories I tell them about how my family adapted to living in the United States, I love to tell them that my dad's family were like them first generation and that I am like their children, it makes them so happy to see me and hear my American speaking. I give them a end product for their American dream, I love doing that. I love to make them feel like all the hard work that they are doing will produce a wonderful life for their children and grandchildren and really it most likely will.

I can't complain, Dad and Mom set me up pretty good.


rm_pearlstory06 53M
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12/1/2006 1:54 am

wow, good, while siting idle, u can do fantansy and also Day-Dreaming. Pls do write when u lost virginity and with whom, waiting for such session.


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