The myth of international capitalism.  

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7/13/2005 9:56 pm

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The myth of international capitalism.

The world is in rough shape. We can all agree on this. Reasons for this are complex and hotly debated. Suffice it to say, however, that the world is in rough shape because the neo-liberal cabal in charge of international capitalism wishes it to be so. Don't believe me?

Ok, you don't have to believe me. Believe your eyes. The world is disintegrating as you read this. That coffee you drank this morning has been ferilized with the blood of peasant organizers all over Latin America who were massacred in the name of National Security because the USA still has not been able to live down the humiliation of the Cuban Revolution. Cold war politics and the doctrine of containment led to oppressive regimes declaring internal "dirty wars" on suspected "marxists," leading to mass killings, torture and disappearances of anyone caught speaking out against economic exploitation. That fancy diamond ring in the window? It is most likely from S. Africa, where, in 1902, 30 000 Dutch settlers were put to death in a British concentration camp so the English could get their greedy little mitts on the diamond mines and the DeBeers monopoly. Or it could be from present day W. Africa, where rival warlords routinely massacre civilians in order to get at diamond mines which will provide th funds necessary to buy arms and pay for mercenaries to continue fighting for...access to diamond mines that will provide funding for...A vicious circle, get it? Even the chocolate you ate is dripping in blood; the drop in cacao prices on the world market has led to the re-instition of slavery on cacao plantations in some parts of Africa and the Caribbean, just so you could eat cheap M&M's. The world is in rough shape.

You see, the economic theory of capitalism has twice been disproven by worldwide depression, yet people cling to it stubbornly, the same way degenerate gamblers refuse to leave the casino even when they have lost everything. Moreover, the liberal ideal of no government interference in the economy was roundly contradicted by the experiences of various governments during WWII: they ran planned economies and guess what? It worked.

No, the world is in rough shape because for something to be valuable it must also be scarce; their is a finite amount of money in the world and if the few can concentrate as much of it in their hands, out of circulation, the more it will be worth something. Of course, this involves starving the third world, but according to neo-liberalism they are poor because they are lazy. So fuck them, let them starve in the dirt, right?

So the G8 had a meeting. They piously agreed that poverty is bad, tsk,tsk,tsk. Then they proceeded to continue screwing the world. Some of the more ruthless economists are starting to wonder why this isn't also applied to the 1st world; imagine CEO's living in a fortified compound, driven to work in armour-plated limousines, surrounded by menacing armed henchmen? What a turn-on for them, it must give them an erection.

The world is in rough shape. It is intentional.


7/14/2005 12:39 am

You make one mistake, it is not capitalism that is at fault it is human nature. You see whether you choose communism or socialism or capitalism in the end you will face greed, corruption and abuse. Communism has been discredited as a serious contender. Socialism is only a step on the way to communism so it really leads no where. Most leftist are caught up in a utopian ideal that simply doesn't work when applied to reality. People just don't like intellectuals who think they know better and think they are better. Once these intelectuals get control they find that they need to begin eliminate criticism and dessent because people are not lab rats and do not always appreciate the intelectuals social engineering experiments. In the end the intellectuals come to resent their subjects because they simply do not do as told by their wise leaders. Look at Fidel what an a-hole! Is this the kind of utopia you would have us all live in! Sure we enjoy our chocolate.....I suppose you eat tree bark? Yes conditions in the world are terrible.....yet were they better before? Exactly when were they better? The countries that had "controlled" economies durring world war II that you mentioned as proof of better systems, which countries were these exactly? I personnaly think that for most people in the world life has improved. Life expectancies have increase world wide. Sure there are some serious problems but do you think anarchy is better. How long do you think anarchy would last before someone took control. If you prefer some centrally controlled system show me one successful model, not in books but in reality. I would really like to know because all the ones I know have been oppressive failures. The problem is that an economic system must fit human nature and capitalism perhaps unfortunatly appeals to humans more than the systems leftists think we should want. For any economic system to work it must be based on the principle that people do what is in their own narrow personal interest. If your systems rejects this principle it is doomed to failure whether you approve or not.

PMSKhan 87G

5/28/2006 10:41 am

hehehe...lets talk about command economy instead thats a vague arguments to talk about capitalism for its main goal is to make money and have much more as possible..yet in command its motivation is to provide service to its citizen....theres a state somewhere in india bein ran by a communist party for 30 yrs and theyre working well...and it says they uses the system of love economy that is preserving relationships between and among people and the natural isnt it..but am quite unsure about it for we just talked yesterday in india ya blog honestly...good luck.. from a neo-liberal country..but we really aint lazy just donnu why we are poor......and hey!! its not fair when ya say...**eat tree bark** not even beggars here eats wood

thank for contributing huge info in my lil brain...

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