The welcome wagon.  

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7/30/2006 9:45 am

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The welcome wagon.

I had the most surreal experience the other day...I was in line at the store and this lady was standing in line behind us. We started engaging in what I like to call line talk, that small inate banter about what you buying or the kids that passes the time, while you wait for the lady to dig $.38 out of the bottom of her purse or write a check in the cash only line, anyway...she asked me how long we had been in town, did we like Alaska...blah blah as if I was some tourist.
This wouldn't have been so weird except I have lived here in this town for 8 years this month. I have seen this lady around in that time and thought that she, while not knowing me intimately, would at least have recognized me.

I can tell you right now I have never felt more invisible than I did at that moment.
Mind you I have never been the life of the party or anyone that someone might call memorable. But if I see someone's face several times and talk to them I will remember them.
I know there are many reasons why it happened and I wasn't offended, in fact it I thougth it was amusing that I could be so "everyman".

Today is chocolate and snuggling on the couch watching tv is the order of the day....I have to go find minx.....

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