Post Valentines Analysis  

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2/16/2006 2:57 am

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Post Valentines Analysis

So how was it for you?!!

Valentines is always a good day like any other day but just that little bit better.

I used to look forward to cards, counting cards and being modest about it because you can be when you have lots. And strange and wonderful gifts too, some wanted, others just perplexing.

Like, a teddy bear?... erm I'm 21 WHAT IN FUCKS NAME DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WITH THIS F'ING BEAR. Only you smile say thank you, and just pray she isn't telling her freinds that shes just palmed you off with a bear. Meantime you've been trawling the depths of hell to find the last bunch of blue lillies and found them, perched on the devils knob itself.

Indeed you never even knew such a thing existed but you were dammed if you weren't going to find some!!!

Seething, bleeding and burnt, you return and exchange this priceless bouquet for a b-e-a-r.

Needless to say that relationship ended soon after. I found the bear in a box last year. Indeed the same box it came in and subsequently met its ashy grave in.

This year was much better, bills, bills, ooh and the suns out, lush!! Infact I clean forgot about valentines day till I picked my kid up, he'd made us a card (me and mum) sweet, I gave this to mum and she was happy and said nothing.

You see Last year her little supprise arrived the day before... Awesome!

This year have a little supprise arranged for her on friday. Its always best to make an entrance or make an impact when they have, not the foggiest!!!!! And fellas, it takes the pressure way off.

It just sucks that we have to take every initiative or else we're good for nothing Sb's...

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