Why ask???  

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5/21/2006 9:13 pm
Why ask???

Okay maybe it’s my paranoia but I know that I am not the most glamorous chick around. I work with what I've got and that gets me the goods. Anyway that’s not the point I’m getting at.

I went out on the weekend and met a guy, we flirted our arses off and had a great time I was enjoying myself and I’m assuming so was he since he asked for my number.
Now here is the tricky bit I hesitated not because I didn’t want him to have my number but because of the prospect of him not calling. Or the thought that he only asked to be polite not wanting the night to end on an unsavoury note? Or was it that I’m not date worthy just a flirt? Or was it that taking my number was a backup as a point of call in case nothing better comes along?
I know that this makes me sound insecure and maybe I am a little.

Is it ever easier to not give out your contact to save face? Does anyone else second guess someone’s decision to ask for your number?

So anyway I gave him my number and low and behold as I first thought I haven’t heard from him now for most of you the weekend is only just over, so it hasn’t been long but I gave him my number Friday night and it is now Monday afternoon.
And still no call.

I don’t really care; sure it was a waste of my time and energy, but his loss. What gets to me is if he had no intention to call, why ask for the number.

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and give him another day or two but still it’s not the point.

But again my thought's are why ask? Why not be honest and leave it as it was a night of drinking & flirting????

Now that I have had my rant for the day I feel better

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