Public displays of  

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6/20/2006 6:28 pm

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Public displays of


I have this paranoia when it comes to being by myself in public. I can’t sit and eat alone, go to a movie alone, even waiting for someone alone is a drama.
I am quite fine being away from public by myself but I absolutely hate being left on my own when out.
Although I know that people have plenty of other things to do, but I always feel like they are staring at me or talking about me saying that I am a loser, loner etc. I know that they aren’t or at least I hope they aren’t.
My family find it hilarious that I get stressed not to the point where I can’t cope but a visible feeling of being uncomfortable
As long as I have something to occupy myself with I am okay, like a magazine etc. but sitting on my own is a task that I am yet to master.

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