Lair, lair pants on fire  

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6/8/2006 8:16 pm

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Lair, lair pants on fire

Everyone has told a lie, whether it be a little fib or a full on deceitful lie we have all told one at least once.
Everybody fib’s, you know those little white lies like when your late to work because you slept in and you blame it on traffic.
I’ll admit that I have lied about a few things in my life, I admit that. But I have never made something up in order to make someone believe something that wasn’t true.
See I hate people who make up shit!! Who tell you one thing when you either already know they are lying or something about what they are saying tells you they are.

I’ve been in this situation a number of times and have found myself there yet again, so maybe it’s me; maybe I’m the gullible one who buys the line to begin with.
But I’ve caught someone out, they don’t know that I have caught them but I left enough clues for them to work it out. I’m not a confrontational person I would much rather they tell me themselves or sever ties. Now I believe that people can tell the truth even after the initial lie and things can work sure I will always second guess what they have said but I do that anyway.
The two qualities that I hold in the highest regard for people in what ever relationship capacity I find them in are Honesty and Loyalty. If you can’t be honest enough to tell me the bottom line truth than in my opinion you don’t meet the standard.

Now I’m talking about all relations i.e. work, social family and intimate. If you expect to get close to me and let my guard down then the least you can do is be honest. Sure there are other factors that I look for but everything has to start with a foundation and nothing lasts build on a lie.

I’m angry now not even at this person but at myself because I should have seen it coming, but they fooled me and I’m shitty at myself for that.

meresu 57F

6/10/2006 9:25 pm

hi there
I am exactly the same tell me anything you like but dont lie. The nuns at school did a good job - our school motto tell the truth! yeaks ... even on here they haunt me! HOnesty is the least valued virtue by so many!
Don't get angry with yourself . Why waste it on yourself. I learnt this many years ago. I wise man told me "dont get angry get even!" and not in a nasty way!
They may well read this and see they have been exposed.
Stick with your standards! There are still a lot of nice people out there

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