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As a little girl I always had visions of my perfect life, the fairytale ending i.e. “Happily Ever After”

At 5 my fairytale life was to grow up, marry my prince charming and live happily ever after. Like most little girls I wanted to be a princess, I even played “weddings” with my friends where we would pretend to get married. Sad but true.

At 10 my fairytale changed my parents split up and my fairytale dream was shattered.
I became a little bitter but still deep down still wanted my prince charming to come and take me away.

At 15 there was no fairytale I was jaded and was anti-everything. The thought of marriage, “happily ever afters” the whole fairytale thing was a thing of the past. I hated the notion of marriage, love the whole lot. My fairytale was looking grey and in disrepair. Being a princess was the last thing on my mind.

By 18 I’d met my prince, and my fairytale was looking all shiny and new again. I wasn’t looking to marry then but the idea of it was starting to return. My Princess life looked attainable and with my prince beside me I was on top of the world.

From 19 to 20 my world fell apart my Prince wasn’t the prince I had though he was. My so-called prince was actually an Ogre who had no respect for me whatsoever and proved that by attempting to me. My fairytale wasn’t just grey it was like a bubble had burst, it felt that there was no way that it would ever come back. I still wanted to be a princess but

So here I am now at 25 rebuilding my fairytale. I have encountered over the years, since the ogre incident, my fair share of toads with the odd prince now and again.
I still want to be a princess and deep down I still want the “happily ever after”. I have just become a stronger woman in the mean time. I now know that I can be princess on my own, I can build my castle and live happily ever after if I want to.

So now my fairytale has changed, I now look at it through a different filter. So for now I’ll keep kissing the toads in the hope that they’ll be the prince I’ve been waiting for.

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