Ice cream and doughnuts.  

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11/27/2005 5:28 pm

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Ice cream and doughnuts.

I was hitchhiking my way through France and managed to get a nice little job selling doughnuts and ice creams on a beach. It didn't pay much but it was easy, enjoyable work. You got to meet lots of people from all over the world.
Then one day these two guys came into the campsite that I was staying in.
The campsite wasn't much of a place. There is this big field and you rent a (very) small piece of land to pitch your tent. But it was cheap.
For a couple of weeks I hung around with these two fellas. They seemed OK.
Then one night the pair approached me. "Mike, you comin'? We' goin' to put down a work. Ye in?"
Work? Yes! What kinda work? OK. Just show me the work, I'll do it ! What is it?
"We're goin' to the the Promenade to mug an old couple. Ye in?"
"What the fuck are ye talkin about? Mug an old couple? Are you crazy?"
"Look Mike, we haven't eaten whole day.....We want some money."
"money? money? If that's what you want I'll talk to my boss tomorrow and he might fix you up with an ice cream cart and a place on the beach. I'll ask him for you.
They looked at me with a sneer. "Ice cream? We don't sell ice cream. Only fagots do that! And in any case we're not goin' to hurt anybody, we're just goin' to relieve them of their wallet and jewelry, that's all."
I said. "But what if the lady screams? What if the man is an "old soldier" and decides to fight back? What will you do, stick a knife in his belly, right?"

They asked me if I was in or out. I told them that they were fuckin' sick.
So off they went.
I never saw them again.
Did they end up in gail, or did they hightail it out of town after the job? Your guess is as good as mine.

But if they didn't end up in gail that day.....................

Hey, I just thought of another one. I know It's wishful thinking but maybe the old soldier killed them.

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