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hello and thank you 4 spending your valuable time reading my entry

today is my second day on AdultFriendFinder and a very nice attractive and best of all intelligent lady (shh4you) introduced herself to me. she even gave me some tips) which i really appreciate. hopefully one day i will get to meet her. special note here i suspect i would have never met her if we lived in the same neighborhood. why? well ladies do you know the obstacles we men have meeting or even introducing ourselves to women we find pleasing ( is eyecandy still in as popular vocabulary?) far i suspect this is a site for sex, socializing and commerce. all good. i also suspect some of these folks really have no intention to hook up ( which is of course the purpose of the site other than to make money for the AdultFriendFinder company)

and wow! what a huge library of attractive hormy women! i would think that it would be easy fo them to find a fuck buddy etc... someone please explain that to me.

so agian (inside joke) THANK YOU SweetNadine5

ps- anyone want to comment on the advantages of becoming a silver or gold member?

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