Getting my feet wet  

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7/22/2005 9:37 pm

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6/16/2006 6:42 pm

Getting my feet wet

I've been here about a month now and this site has really been an eye-opener. Who knew there were so many other people with secret desires and fetishes, people who were out there actively seeking others to share their desires and fantasies? Over-active sex drives, kinky people looking for playmates, etc, etc, etc...

Seeing so many people in a similar situation, or having similar/compatible desires, makes me both feel less abnormal, and also gives me so much hope for the future! I was starting to wonder if the many and varied fantasies in my head might go forever unfulfilled.

Perhaps best of all, I have been able to show my wife that there are all these varied and interesting people out there. It's been a pleasure showing her that playing with others might be fun & exciting. Now she's getting just as interested in trying something new, too

Now that I've explored what might be, it's getting about time to get my feet wet. I'm thinking of setting up an arrangement for myself and my wife to meet another female. No sex at first, just something simple - like my wife and I sucking our new friend's breasts and everyone petting, maybe fondling each other.

So does anyone have advice or stories to share about their baby steps into this fun new world I've entered? Any "getting your feet wet" stories, or did you just take the plunge? I hope you'll share your experiences. As a rule, this blog is friends-only, if you aren't a friend and want to post, write me first

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