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7/25/2005 7:43 am

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First Time Entry

How important is the first time? The first time you meet someone, the first time you hear their voice, the first time you kiss, the first time you do the hibbity-jibbity (thank you, Adam Sandler!) lol.

For me, the eyes are the secret door to the soul. You can know a million things in an instant by looking at the eyes. One of the things I anticipate the most is the first should send tingles. Unfortunately, tingles are few and far between in life. A man (or woman) who can give me tingles at this point is automatically awarded extra points!! The first kiss is a hard one. I almost never remember the first kiss, nor do I put a lot of stock in it. Until you've had time to kiss a lot and get to know each other's style, it's pretty hit or miss (is it just me??). And then....the hibbity-jibbity.....

The first time is usually (but not always, depending on the circumstances) a good indicator of the way things will go. Unfortunately, people also have a tendency to do things the first few times to trick youinto thinking they're going to do them ALL the How many men out there go down on a new woman for almost an hour, only to give it a passing nibble 6 months later??? Hmmmm??? LOL...not that I'm picking on you boys... this is my first entry. Actually, it's my second, they denied my first and I've had to re-write it. You'll never know what the first one was Lets just say this one is considerably tamer.

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