Part 3 Cooking in the Kitchen:  

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Part 3 Cooking in the Kitchen:

Upon entry to the kitchen W/we notice the guys are unusually quiet and all have strange looks on their faces. i notice Matt can barely contain his laughter. Master questions them, "What's up you guys? What exactly were you up to while W/we were gone?" Finally, Matt lets loose with his laughter to the point where tears are rolling out of his eyes, he can barely breathe! Scott speaks up, "Look outside Dude, You wont believe it!" my Metal Master strides to the window and bursts into fits of laughter. He turns to me and says "Come look, my pet, you are really not going to believe this!" Just as i get to the window He says "Another car fire, I wonder if W/we should call 911!" making the guys laugh even harder! i look out the window to see my 'Lil Metalhead's Fisher Price pedal car has been torched! Those Savages!!! It is giving off black smoke and a very brilliant display of colors as plastic will upon burning. The guys grow quiet and are watching me intently, wondering if i will think it's funny or if i will be pissed at their prank. my Metal Master has a wicked twinkle in His eyes, He knows my mind so well that He can judge what my reaction will be. He just smiles evenly, looking right into my eyes. i give Him a wink that only He can see and i turn to the guys, straight faced. i slowly look into the eyes of my Metal Master's band mates, not saying a thing or showing any emotions. i then walk straight past the guys to the refrigerator, open it up and pull out a package of hot dogs. i turn to them, and serious as can be hold up the dogs and say "Weenie, roast, anyone?" flashing a playful smile. All four of the guys are reduced to hysterical laughter with my comment! Bill catches his breath and comments, "I'll grab the marshmallows!" prompting another round of hearty laughter. The band, still laughing, heads back to the practice studio with my Metal Master bringing up the rear of the pack. Before heading thru the door to the studio, He stops and watches me clean up the kitchen for a few moments. i look up to see Him staring at me intently, i give Him a sweet, innocent smile. In a voice i know so well, filled with lust and desire for me He says "Stop what you are doing My beloved pet, and come to Me right away." i immediately put down the dishes and walk to my Metal Master, standing before Him, looking into His eyes. He closes the door to the studio and grabs me around the waist, pulling me to Him roughly. He spins me around and backs me against the door in one quick, fluid motion. He says nothing, He looks deep into my eyes, right into my soul for a blissful moment that feels like an eternity. He brings His lips to mine very gently, teasing me with His tongue, nibbling and biting at my lips, His hands exporing the curves of my lower back, ass and thighs. He grabs me about the waist, picking me right up off the floor, O/our lips and tongues exploring one another's as if it were O/our first kiss. i wrap my legs around His waist, hooking my ankles behind His back. He pins me between His body and the door, O/our kisses becoming more urgent. i can feel His hardness through His jeans, pressed right against the wet spot that has formed between my legs, and i'm about mad with desire for Him! His hands travel up my sides to my breasts, He explores the curves of them moving His thumbs in circles slowly, methodically until He reaches my nipples. He uses his fingertips to tease my nipples, moaning with pleasure when He discovers that they are rock solid! He pulls away from my lips long enough to gruffly say "Assume the position, my pet! you know which one." He puts me back on my feet and i immediately strip naked in the kitchen, never taking my eyes off my Metal Master. i can see He is rock hard for me and i know He must have me now! i bend over the kitchen table like a good girl, hanging on to the opposite side. i hear my Master come up behind me, i can feel Him standing behind me, between my legs which hang over the edge of the table. i can feel His hot breath upon my shoulder as He kisses my tattoo, lightly running His tongue back and forth across it. His hands move up and down the outside of my legs and hips, across my calves and trace slow, delicious circles up my inner thighs. His touch drives me insane, no man has ever thrilled me the way He does, or ever could!! There is no other like Him, W/we complete one another perfectly. i'm shaking on the table, trembling with lust and abandon. i hear my Metal Master remove his belt, tracing it along the curves of my ass as He removes it. i hear Him unsnap and unzip His jeans. i sense that He is pulling His jeans down. i can hear Him breathing behind me, hard and fast, He wants His pet and i know it! He has told me more than once that no other woman has ever turned Him on like i do, that no other woman has ever been on His mind constantly like i am, that no other relationship in the past has ever made Him feel so happy and complete....and i intend to keep it that way!

To be continued.....
The final naughty chapter shall be completed soon!

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1/3/2006 7:16 am

Good writing!

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1/2/2006 8:39 pm

mmm... pleased, I'm very pleased My pet, and I look forward to the completion of O/our story.

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