Driving myself crazy  

rm_melisiousxo 50F
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6/1/2006 9:49 am

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9/25/2007 9:34 am

Driving myself crazy

Ok..it's time to fess up. I crashed my car. It was totally my falt. It was really only a fender bender though. I went to the sex shop to buy a friend a gift. Well you can't go to the sex shop without buying something for yourself too ..can you?.. So I bought this little silver bullet. Cute, small..powerful..kinda like me..HA
Well later that night on my drive home, I hit some dead stop traffic. I was daydreaming...and then I remembered my little toy that aquired earlier in the day. I thought for sure I would need to buy batteries, so I was really just gonna check it out. So..I opened it up, hit the little button..and Halleujah..it turned on..What is a girl to do???..I had to try it..(traffic was still at a standstill)..So I lifted up my skirt..placed that little guy on my kitty..and OMG...I hadn't used one of those in a long time..and I immediately started gushing. Well..long story long, I continued with my playtime, got a little to into it, closed my eyes for just a second..I swear..and CRASH..I rear ended the car infront of me..SHIT..So we pull over, the guy is totally pissed. I'm still flushed from my giagantic orgasm, as I'm apologizing profusely. " I'm so sorry, it was my fault.".yada yada. Well this guy is really mad. He starts screaming at me, that he had been watching me..Thats when I'm like..OH SHIT ..did he see me? Could he have seen what I was doing?..NO..my car is higher than his...Then he says.."You weren't paying attention..Well NO Shit idiot..I just ran into you..of course I wasn't paying attention...DUH. Anyway..dickwad is still giving me grief..and I finally said, look...you have no damage to your car. My hood is all fucked up. What would you like to do?..Would you like me to call the police?.Thats when he backed off and said he would just call me if he found any damage to his car. Finito.

I left the dent on my hood, I kinda like that it makes my car look a little tough now and its a good story. Well, one I can only tell a select few...


HoaryCronySlimy 36M
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6/1/2006 11:40 am

Great post luv, sometimes a good orgasm is worth the occasional accident.


6/11/2006 4:56 pm

I saw that somewhat popular "old lady" sex therapist on Coman O'Brien recently (she's the Canadian equivalent of Dr. Ruth) and she brought out a huge box of stuff she had just picked up at the adult store. One of the items was called something like AutoVibe and it was a vibrator that pluged straight into a cars cigarette ligher for power.

So I guess you would never run out of battery power on that one.

I had a friend who was a bar band musician and he once told me that to combat the fatigue of falling asleep on the drive home from late night gigs he would sometimes masturbate while driving.

But I guess doing that can also be just as dangerous as falling asleep while driving.

PS. I just Googled for the name of that woman. It's Sue Johansen and her show is called Sex Talk with Sue Johanson. She commonly gives "test drive report" reviews of all kinds of vibrators and other sex toys and she definitely looks like someones old granny.


rm_newlysep3 64M
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9/15/2007 12:57 pm

wow ... you could "rear end" me anytime, and i won t yell at you..

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