Who'da ever guessed?  

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2/8/2006 7:14 am

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Who'da ever guessed?

Hi everyone!
So I'm riding along the highway of life, making the occasional hookup but not satisfied with casual sex, turning down a lot of offers for same, and hoping I can find a man who makes me feel like a woman in every way.
I had come to the point where I wanted a long term or steady partner, but not knowing where to turn-----man, woman, gay man, transvestite?
You see, we are all wired differently as you know, and my preferences were clouding my vision of what I wanted.
I had almost decided that I would probably end up with another gurl like me. Problem is, most of us, like me, are bottoms. So anyway, it is not a simple thing to find someone who clicks with you.
Well, two Sundays ago I was chatting on outpersonals, when I got IM'd by someone I had never seen before.
We chatted, and as I looked at his profile, I see that he is a female-to-male pre-op transgender man.
I had never met one that I knew of, and never thought someone of that background would be looking for someone like me, or vise versa.
But he explained that he was into gay men, not women, and I was intrigued and stimulated, as I love feminine men, their smoothness, and so on.
So I met Joey that evening, and we have been together every since. It turns out that we were both surprised by our compatability.
It's personal, so I won't elaborate, but I could tell you at least a dozen reasons why we are right for each other, and discount any number of things you might think would be drawbacks for the relationship.
All I'll tell you is that I see the man Joey is, (he is truly a person that fits the description of a man that was born in a woman's body, whereas I'm just a feminine man, soon to be a "chick with a dick"), and Joey makes me feel like a woman and takes me seriously. And he is just as attracted to me as Sara as he is when I don't have the time to get beautiful.
So now I have one more reason to be open minded on this journey, cause like I said in my profile, we don't go out and find our long term relationships, they will find us!
Kisses, Sara Leonne

rm_currrt 48T

2/9/2006 8:05 am

It is just mindblowing, isn't it?

I better not say too much, because unlike you, I naturally elaborate.
I will elaborate with you tonight on that, my sexy girl.

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