where r all the cute men gone!!  

rm_mayhewn 37F
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8/1/2005 4:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

where r all the cute men gone!!

well i'm a country girl,love the outdoors,,don't know what to say here lol ummm i have a 3 1/2 year old daughter,looking to meet interesting people...looking for someone who loves the outdoors as much as me lol and you can't have too many friends right...have any questions just message me ok..Bye for now,Chow!!

bmoviejunkie2 51M
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8/1/2005 6:11 pm

Just wanted to say welcome to passion.com

Check out my blog

bigred4499 61M
87 posts
8/1/2005 6:55 pm

Hi glad u are on . bit old for u but u look like fun . I have a 15 D & 11S sso there we go bad storm here now JAMES

CuteAZguy27 40M
1545 posts
8/1/2005 7:41 pm

According to AdultFriendFinder this cute guy remains 1786 miles from you (bummer)and yet I finally meet someone like myself who enjoys Stephen King (double bummer)

I hope you enjoy yourself and find what your looking for !


classicmagnum99 32M
37 posts
8/1/2005 7:42 pm

I love the outdoors to there's nothing like going out and sitting under a tree and just chilling there all day long do you like the beach

rm_KidDicarus45 57M

8/2/2005 8:24 am

you mean you still havent found anyone yet mayhewn?Have ya tried the imc or chat ?

rm_CaptnCanuck2 48M

8/5/2005 8:08 am

Hello Mayhewn if you are still looking for more friends I M me at Joerigger992 at the hot spot 4 male. There is a photo or two I will provide when we chat.
Have a great day!

ldvk 48M

9/3/2005 12:32 am

hey gorgeus send me a line with your addie and we can chat about being special friends

rm_zipp9inc 42M

9/15/2005 4:34 am

whats your favorite Stephen King novel?

rm_Niceguy9652 43M
9 posts
9/17/2005 12:25 pm

Well the cute men is in the eye of the beholder. I one one hand find you very very cute... Just to let you know... You wont have any problems finding your cute guy....


WDragon4 43M

10/29/2005 2:20 am

I see you are winking me wdragon.I hope we can email each other soon. Would like to know what it is you are looking for.

WDragon4 43M

10/29/2005 11:07 pm

I AM HELPINGHAND I will be getting in touch soon.AS Igo to silver.806

Peter09101962 55M

11/1/2005 9:31 am

All the cute men are in England, but we do visit the region - mainly Sudbury although I do get over to North Bay from time to time. Maybe you would be a good excuse to visit again? In the meantime I hope you have fun.
Peter xx

rm_MrFry 37M

12/3/2005 7:56 pm

Hi there, i am in midland, where abouts are you?

rm_cougarslayer 40M

2/28/2006 3:20 pm

drop me a line would love to hook up for some fun

dublmc19 38M
1 post
3/8/2006 12:05 pm

hi meyhawn
how's your day going?
i just viewed your blog and seen that you are looking for cute guys.
i think im cute, im local (somewhat), i would be interested in chatting with you sometime and see if anything clicks.
drop me a line sometime @ chef dublmc no spaces followed by yahoo.

talk to you soon mmc

jappy95 33M
2 posts
3/8/2006 1:40 pm


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