You said What?  

maverick1255 52M
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6/27/2006 10:49 pm
You said What?

Hmmm, I thought I wanted the attention being drawn to my blog? Maybe not!

Any thoughts from fellow bloggers?

Some days, do you want the attention?

Some days, do you not want the attention?

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funintheday2006 57M
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6/27/2006 11:38 pm

Sometimes I just blog for me, as a release. When my friends come, I feel better, no matter what. You be cool Mav.

maverick1255 replies on 6/28/2006 7:51 am:
Cool, mate!

rm_shannee2006 53F
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6/28/2006 5:44 am

Well I love the attention...but I'm not sure I'd want the amount of attention that I see MzHuny's blog getting with sometimes hundreds of comments on it. That would overwhelm me. And some days men who've never had another interaction on my blog or in email say the most outrageous things and I wish I could have avoided that attention...but I suppose that I'm rather out there with expressing my sexuality, so I'm bound to get that sort of attention. I like the flirting from those who've established friendship with me though. It's affirming to me.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....


maverick1255 replies on 6/28/2006 7:54 am:
Oh, I know!! MxHuny, gets a shit load of visits!! Yea, sometimes it is the 'negative' that I don't want to attract, as I have seen on some other blogs.

digdug41 50M

6/28/2006 6:20 am

MAV dont sweat it if you feel like thatthen on those days dont post, Me, I'll be hones,t I like the attention(LO I just dont like to respond too much, but I do the best I can because others respond to me, have a good day.

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maverick1255 replies on 6/28/2006 7:55 am:
Thanks, DigDug!

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6/28/2006 5:09 pm

I`m wondering if all this extra attention I am suddenly getting from your fellow countrymen Mav has anything to do with responding on your blogs!? I only get a certain amount of free emails per day and sometimes it can be difficult enough to have enough for replying to male locals without the demands of those wanting attention in other forms I don`t do overseas.

So if I suddenly get called rude..can I blame you hunni?

maverick1255 replies on 6/28/2006 6:56 pm:
Oh, well .... um .... "I am Switzerland!"

Ok, I have pretty broad shoulders, if you want, I can handle it!!!

Sorry, it really is your fault. How can this be? Look at your picture!!! You are teasing the males of America. Can you blame them!!

Kancana 47F

6/28/2006 7:21 pm

Hey Mav, this is your blogs, it's all up to you, how do you wants the attention or not. No worries, whatever your ramblings is, those who already addicted to your blogs will read or response to your Blogs.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
~ Helen Keller

maverick1255 replies on 6/29/2006 2:57 am:
Thanks Kancana - surprised and pleased to know I have 'fans'!!

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