Screwed ..... and no, Thank You!  

maverick1255 52M
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6/16/2006 1:04 pm
Screwed ..... and no, Thank You!

This is just so fucked up! There is a huge blurring of the lines between work - job abilities and duties and personal - life and experiences.

Now, you can expect a new employer to not only look at your cover letter and resume, but look at your credit history, your blogs, personal website, and anything else they can find on you. This will, of course, be judged fairly. NOT!!

People are not getting the jobs that they would be fantastic at, just because a new employer found something that 'they' did not like about you. And what 'they' is perfect? Excuse me, but isn't it illegal to judge someone on age, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation!!

Doesn't this cross that line?

Help, someone please talk me back from the ledge!!

Mav, all fired UP!!

WasSHygirl 48F  
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6/16/2006 1:43 pm

I totally understand...
I am on the job hunting road, and have been told my resume is great. Well Obviously not great enough to find an actual job it seems. I have been close, just it always goes to someone else.
I did not know new employers look at your credit history.. they should not be able to.
And I totally understand your frustration. Sorry, I don't know if I can talk you down... I might just be joining you on that ledge.


maverick1255 replies on 6/16/2006 2:50 pm:
We might just have a whole ledge full by the end!! LOL!!!

Yea, I first heard about the credit history a while back. But now with all the internet stuff out there! I really freaked out. I really feel that there is a line, and what you do in your 'OFF' time is your business. An employer has no right. And who is to judge? (sorry ...... breath, deep breath, calm thoughts ......... UGH!!)

JuicyBBW1001 55F

6/16/2006 2:06 pm

Hmmm job hunting uh? One of the worse things in life to endure. But hey have I got a job for you. French Butler yep that's right French Butler. You have to be good with a vacuum cleaner and feather duster and look good in boxer briefs. (thinkin this will make he jump off the ledge rather then come back from it). Honestly I don't envy you. Occasionally I send my resume out and hope for the best but if one doesn't come along AOhell is gonna keep in food, clothing and shelter till I find that elusive graphic designer's job.


maverick1255 replies on 6/16/2006 3:01 pm:
No ...... we are looking for the same work!! OH, and in the same market!! LOL!!!

Well, kinda. I am an Illustration major with minor in Graphic Design. I graduated from Ringling Sch of Art and Design - good old Sara/Bradenton!

Don't even get me going on the 'artist' positions around HERE!! (quietly ripping my hair out by the handfuls!!!)

Mav, exhausted, and tired from fighting the system ...

JuicyBBW1001 55F

6/17/2006 2:40 am

Wow we have something in common besides sex. Email me sometime maybe we can help one another with getting that elusive job.


maverick1255 replies on 6/17/2006 7:49 am:
Cool, will do. Once I have had a chance to really calm down.

zebra_buggy 32F

6/17/2006 5:36 am

Step back from the ledge, Mav. But don't forget to water the plants while your out there. And don't mind the police choppers and news teams. Don't talk to the media either.

maverick1255 replies on 6/17/2006 7:51 am:
OH, LOL!!! What a little smart ass you are!! Nothing like kicking a guy OFF the ledge!! Rolling Off The Ledge - LMAO

kitchenfun1234 45M
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6/17/2006 7:59 am

Hmmm yep, i've been credit checked for most of the jobs that I've had. My latest job in one of the big banks requires me to have an account with the bank I work for. Personally I think it sucks. they do this to make the payroll easier and to watch our finances for dodgy activity. It's a pain in the rear because I have to wait longer for my wages while they are being moved to my regular account with a better bank.

I'm fairly sure employers and prospective employers don't go looking for blogs. I wouldn't be bothered if they did because it might speed up the process of finding new friends.
Sorry Mr Smith we can't offer you the job but our personnel team has read your blog and decided to send you away with a smile on your face....
Mr Smith is guided away to a small office for an afternoon of fun....

Having said all that...... when applying for any job, and in the interview...... remember that it is all about control of information.
If you have a personal website or blog don't tell them unless you want them looked at.
If you have a poor credit history well that's another matter but most other facts are controllable.

Don't ever give up searching for the fun in life.

maverick1255 replies on 6/17/2006 8:31 am:
Well, thanks for the different perspective. LOL

But I have read newspaper articles were employers have passed over candidates, that they were ready to hire, due to finding their blogs, and not approving of the posting topics and outside activities. And it is not you telling them to go look. They are searching for more on you.

rm_katetonite 50F

6/17/2006 10:18 am

HR is such a bitch. So hard to know anyone from a few interviews and resume. Sucks for both sides though. An applicant may put on the charms and lie to get the job, then it's only once hired that it's revealed what an asshole he or she could be.

What sucks too are HR people who don't know what the fuck that are doing. So many tales of bad interviews where the interviewer just yaks about himself/herself, instead of learning about the candidate.

I think it's kinda of good that companies look at blogs. It's so easy to post anonymous stuff to the web. Create a persona to be who you want to be on the web, and make all your real name stuff an ad campaign.

maverick1255 replies on 6/17/2006 12:09 pm:
Yea, you always would think that HR would be there for the employee - guess what? NOT!! I have worked for so many companies that the HR dept. is only there to help the company and management!!

Thanks for the comments.

rm_kelli4u2dew 42F
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6/17/2006 11:56 am

You think you've got problems. Think of all the women who don't get the job just because of their gender.

One more reason to not be too open here.

maverick1255 replies on 6/17/2006 12:17 pm:
That is completely wrong and sexist! That should never happen today!!

If I ruled the world, , and I had both a man and a woman that were equally qualified for the position. I might just hire the woman for her extra strength and unique view. I am a huge believer that the more views and opinions the better. You get to see more sides of an issue.

Did you see this: Women smarter then men

jst4fun915 35F

6/19/2006 3:08 pm

Well, considering I am not TOO concerned with anonymity on my blog here, or my personal blog, I'm probably screwed if I decide to rejoin the workforce one day. Besides, thanks to a divorce, my credit sucks, so there's 2 strikes. Life's a bitch, and I DO think this has gone way too far.

maverick1255 replies on 6/19/2006 4:27 pm:
Yea, I am sunk on my credit score. I did some major credit card damage in college!! And I have a HUGE student loan that is so far in default, it is not funny. But as you say, Life is a Bitch!!

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